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  • 06-08-2021 (Colonial Pipeline, cyber insurance, ransomware, Amazon Sidewalk & more)
  • 06-01-2021 (How do I Patch my Things? and more patches)
  • 05-25-2021 (The Cyber Security Dangers of Travel and more patches)
  • 05-11-2021 (Why I Love 2FA and lots more critical vulnerabilities)
  • 04-27-2021 (Lots of critical vulnerabilities, FLoC is a FLoP, Ransomware & more)
  • 04-20-2021 (Big Patch Tuesday, FBI Hacking, Patch all the Things)
  • 04-13-2021 (Securing Mobile Devices)
  • 03-30-2021 (Ransomware Best Practices, Update all the Things)
  • 03-23-2021 (Protect the "smart" things, more Exchange)
  • 03-16-2021 (When smart devices let you down, more about Exchange, Apple & Adobe patches, camera hacks)
  • 03-11-2021 (Important notice about the Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities)
  • 03-10-2021 (Exchange debacle, Cyber Security Best Practices and "Smart Devices")
  • 03-02-2021 (Table top exercises!)
  • 02-23-2021 (Backups, Lessons Learned, Firewalls, Malware for Macs & More)
  • 02-09-2021 (When Analog Communications Go Digital)
  • 02-02-2021 (An infosec sea shanty, and Prevent, Detect & Respond)
  • 01-26-2021 (An Ounce of Prevention, Cloud Attacks & the Importance of Inventory)
  • 01-19-2021 (SolarWinds, smishing, CISA's new Action Guide & more)
  • 12-15-2020 (More cloud, more ransomware, more patches)
  • 12-08-2020 (BEC, holiday scams, cyberattacks surging & more)
  • 12-01-2020 (Telework is here to stay, CMMC-RP, RPO, Cyber Essentials Toolkit #6)
  • 11-17-2020 (Cyber Liability Insurance, more about the "shared responsibility model" in the Cloud)
  • 11-10-2020 (Business Email Compromise, Securing OT devices and Protecting Yourself from MitM Attacks)
  • 11-03-2020 (3 Free Ways to Protect Yourself Online, Security Requirements by Industry)
  • 10-27-2020 (Do you know your "wares"? and lots more vulnerabilities)
  • 10-20-2020 (Good backups, more on The AAA Protocols and Ransomware Victims Beware, lots of vulnerabilities)
  • 10-14-2020 (The AAA Protocols, Ransomware Victims Beware, Android & wifi vulnerabilities)
  • 09-29-2020 (Prioritizing Cyber Security in Your Organization, Four Major Trends Impacting Cyber Security)
  • 09-22-2020 (Good Passwords, the Feds say they are better, 2FA for Zoom)
  • 09-15-2020 (Malware Defense!  Patches for critical vulnerabilities, Good Reads & more)
  • 09-01-2020 (More About Email Accounts, Digital Immortality and Back to Basics/CIS 20 part 3)
  • 08-25-2020 (Restart Now, Your Email Is Key, CISA Cyber Essentials, Back to Basics/CIS part 2)
  • 08-18-2020 (Back to Basics, the CIS 20, Shadow IT)
  • 08-10-2020 (FBI Warning on Win7, Secure Your Stuff! and more)
  • 08-04-2020 (Managing Supply Chain Risk, More Cloud, Making Good Backups and more)
  • 07-28-2020 (Security is a Team Sport, Building a Culture of Security, and more critical security patches)
  • 07-21-2020 (Teleworking is here to stay, Microsoft critical security patches, VC tips & more)
  • 07-14-2020 (To Cloud, or Not to Cloud?)
  • 07-07-2020 (Ransomware, phishing defense, Netgear & Palo Alto security vulnerabilities, CISA Cyber Essentials Toolkits)
  • 06-29-2020 (Introduction, and a discussion of cyber security in the context of information security)

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