Glenda R. Snodgrass has been President and Lead Consultant at The Net Effect since its inception in 1996.

Her dynamic personality and effective teaching style have made her a sought-after corporate trainer, public speaker, expert witness and workshop host across the Southeast for more than twenty years.

"Glenda is truly a gifted speaker, and her presentations are always well thought out, on point, easy to follow, interesting, and pertinent to security."
Patti Moore, Facility Security Officer, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

Glenda's bio and photos are available here.

The wide range of topics she has covered may be seen on her past events schedule here, and comments on her presentations may be found here.

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Upcoming Public Events

  • May 30, 2024
    Cyber Security Requirements for Federal Contractors
    MS APEX Small Business Development Symposium
    Columbus, MS

  • June 10, 2024
    800-171r3, DFARS 7012 & CMMC 2.1 -- Where Are We Now?
    NCMS 60th Annual Training Seminar
    Nashville, TN

  • July 9, 2024
    Using Situational Awareness to Improve Cyber Security
    USA Non-Profit Summit
    Mobile, Alabama

  • More About Me

    “How does that work?!?!” has always been a driving force in my life. From the Commodore 64 and Lanier Word Processor, to deconstructing appliances, changing my own spark plugs and oil in my car, to my very first work PC with two floppy drives (who remembers those?!?), technology has always been of interest to me.

    As the role of technology in my life has evolved over time, in a wide variety of jobs, one constant is that I have always found myself teaching others how to use their computers. When I joined the Mobile Area Free Net in 1995, I toured Mobile organizations with a talk: “What is the Internet and How Does it Work?” Working at MAFN, I started to appreciate the power (and potential danger) of widespread Internet access to homes and businesses, and a year later I left to form my own company, The Net Effect, LLC.

    Information security has been the company’s focus from the beginning, and teaching security awareness has been one of my primary roles. Over the past decade, my teaching has expanded to include public speaking at professional conferences, corporate/executive training and hosting my own workshops. Thanks to COVID-19, I’m now hosting work(fromhome)shops on a regular basis.

    Technology is a powerful force in our lives, and I believe it is critical for people to understand “How does that work?” – particularly when it comes to new technology such as “smart” devices. It is difficult, if not impossible, to understand and manage the risks in using technology without this knowledge.

    I am truly passionate about education, and I love teaching people “How does that work?” One of my greatest joys is watching the facial expressions of people in an audience who suddenly “get it.”

    Comments on Presentations

    "Great perspective. Great speaker. Lots of good information. Great way to end my first conference."

    "The best workshop I attended this whole seminar."

    "Very effective presentation."

    "One of the best workshops. Great information with great ways to implement it."

    "Excellent presentation, very knowledgeable instructor, answers to questions were thorough and very helpful"

    "Thank you so much for the informative and professional presentation. You have a way of simplifying complex topics. You are gifted...Thank you!"

    "The material was great and Glenda clearly knows what she's talking about"

    "I am blown away by your wealth of knowledge and I'm eager to learn more from you. Thank you!"

    "Loved it!"

    "Glenda was the mostly highly praised CLE at our annual meeting."

    "The class was an hour long, packed full of potential cyber risks for work and home."

    "Ms. Snodgrass truly "hit it out of the ball park" with her briefing on Social Engineering Defense"

    "Attendees' comments were universally positive."

    "Glenda is a wonderful speaker - very lively and enthusiastic about her topic - keeping the audience's interest and attention. She keeps abreast of the times with up-to-date technical information that is useful to any type of business."

    "Great presentation! Beneficial for people of many different levels of expertise."

    "Glenda is an engaging and dynamic speaker! She shared the latest information on cybersecurity threats and offered lots of practical advice to the audience on protecting their online identities and good cyber hygiene."

    "A valuable course."

    "My task as a committee member was to line up speakers that could provide relative informative information to fellow NCMS Members. Glenda Snodgrass came highly recommended so I wasted no time contacting her and confirming her a spot. We looked forward to meeting Glenda and hearing her speak. Boy, did she not disappoint! Her presentation was energetic and packed with useful, eye-opening information that every NCMS member could take back to their facility to protect against cyber intrusions, for both business and personal security."

    "Great material and presentation. Glad I was able to attend!"

    "Great educator, a lot of information covered."

    "The presentation by The Net Effect's Glenda Snodgrass to our organization's annual meeting was the absolute best continuing education presentation at the meeting. This is not mere hyperbole. I had the opportunity to introduce Ms. Snodgrass and observe the entirety of her presentation. She was interesting and engaging. The subject was timely, and was of critical importance to every attendee. She spoke for an hour, and the group would have continued asking her questions if she had stayed for three hours. No one left the presentation. Afterward, several - more than ten - attendees sought me out to make sure I knew that they wanted her to come back next year for the annual meeting. I would recommend Ms. Snodgrass to any organization."

    "She is smart, articulate and knows her stuff. We have hosted her twice and hope to arrange for a third jolt of her hard-hitting, informed reality."

    "Very informative and value added."

    "Very impressed with your knowledge. Well presented! Thanks!"

    "Workshop very informative. Enjoyed class and it gave a lot of things to go back and implement."

    TNE. Cybersecurity. Possible.

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